Lockdown number 1 had everyone yearning for a barber. As this was not possible due to pandemic-related restrictions in the UK, we encouraged everyone to instead brave the shave to raise awareness of the links between hair loss and mental health. In which hair loss across genders can be both a cause and a result of poor mental health.

This was a huge hit on social media with 30 people taking part and over 53,000 impressions on Facebook alone. It turns out that the only thing stopping people shaving their heads was the lack of a good cause!

Lockdown #hairforhealth

Lockdown Tips

At Mental Health Monster, we’re all about encouraging people to look after their mental health and showing them how to do so. Consequently, we constantly provide advice in the forms of tips, tricks and knowledge bites on our social media platforms. Covering a huge variety of topics from reducing stress to handling beer-fear.

At the beginning of lockdown in March we felt that we needed people to realise the importance of the little things that they could do for their mental health.

Alas, our former advisory group stepped up and created an insightful video, that can be viewed on our Facebook page here!

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