Borth Community Hub asked us to produce two explainer videos to help young people manage their stress ahead of the exam season! You can watch what we did below…

This video aimed to teach young people 8 ways to manage their stress, so that they could fit their revision in, get good sleep and, most importantly, have a clear mind ahead of their exams!

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. Especially when there’s a big exam or test coming up. But when we get stressed, we tend to get even more stressed because we worry about too many things at once.

Our brains are not built to worry about a whole load of things at once. This video aimed to teach young people a way to prioritise stressors and defeat them!

Efficient, timely and pleasant service.

Lisa Francis, Borth Community Hub

In addition to the explainer videos, we also delivered an engaging workshop to those at their Youth Club.

Here you can see some of the feedback from the group.