For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, we visited the oldest association football club in the world, the Civil Service F.C ahead of their appearances in the FA Generation Cup to commemorate 150 years of the iconic FA Cup competition.

During a fantastic football-fuelled weekend, we managed to get a whole heap of content, which you can watch below.

How many mental health stats do the Civil Service FC players know when put under pressure?

Turns out, not very many! But the lads learnt a lot and showed off with some great penalties.

Feel free to play along and tell us your score!

Do we talk about mental health enough in the football world? We asked Harry, Joe and Dan that very question, along with a few others of course.
We also discussed loneliness, lockdown, talking about mental health and more. We ended up with a classic example of a mental health conversation in a football dressing room.
Thanks to the lads for showing us how it’s done!

We also managed to vlog the weekend!

So here you can find some insight into the mind of Nathan, our Managing Director!

Each of these videos were filmed and put together by Jake Coles – thanks Jake!