Spare just 4 minutes to shape the future of mental health approaches in our county by completing the anonymous Ceredigion Mental Health Survey today!

Available in English and Welsh to anyone over the age of 18 that lives in Ceredigion.


We are aiming to shape the future of mental health approaches in Ceredigion with their ongoing mental health survey that looks at the 5 key factors influencing the mental health of our local communities.

It is no secret that there are areas for improvement in Ceredigion when it comes to mental health approaches.

Through this survey we are hoping to provide the necessary organisations with the data needed to ‘meet people where they are’ in terms of mental health support, and to make sure that we’re all fully aware of the current situation facing our wonderfully unique community.”

We’d like to add thanks to the Ceredigion Association for Voluntary Organisations for funding the survey and to absolutely everyone that completes the survey and spreads the word. Your county needs you, now more than ever”

In the hope that the learnings will build the foundations of a collaborative, modernised and well-informed approach to tackling the mental health crisis in Ceredigion.

Ben Lake, the member of parliament for Ceredigion said “This has been such a tough year for so many – lives lost, relationships broken, businesses and jobs gone. This has all led to a worrying and significant rise in mental health issues. By taking part in the Ceredigion Mental Health Survey, you can help us gain a clearer understanding of the scale of these problems throughout our community and elected representatives like myself will have the evidence needed to campaign for better mental health services for everyone. I would encourage everyone who can to take the time to fill out this survey.