Guest Speaking - For Your Business ImageOur guest speaking services can inspire, motivate and educate your audience based on a range of different experiences from mental health struggles to everyday triumphs.

Your audience will learn more about responding to their mental health challenges through a series of tales, discussion and information.

We don’t see mental health or mental illness as a topic to dance around. One of the hammers that we use to break down the stigma surrounding mental health topics is our voice. This is why our live speaking events can be both emotionally captivating and humorously appeasing in nature.

Why not seek our unique perspective for your webinars, podcasts, interviews, conferences or any other types of event that you have coming up?

You can help us smash through the stigma that prevents people from talking about their mental health by letting us show them how we do so.

All you have to do is contact us with your enquiry or book a one-to-one meeting here:

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