Hello, you’ve got a hangover. So I’ll skip the preamble and get right into the beer fear stuff. (Average read time: 4 minutes).

These 5 tips are going to help you get rid of the ‘what was I doing? who did I speak to? how awful was I?’ and let you deal with your hangover in peace.

Man hungover

Number 1: Challenge Your Thoughts

We must always try to challenge the thoughts that are giving us the beer fear and a great way to do this is to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes by asking yourself what evidence there is to justify them.

Spoiler alert: there probably isn’t any!

These questions may help:

  • What is making me worry? Is this true?
  • What started this thought? Would this evidence stand up in a court of law?
  • Would I be thinking this if I wasn’t suffering from a hangover?
  • Am I the only one that is feeling like this?

If you’re feeling brave, you may also try asking yourself…

  • So what?
  • Who cares?
  • What’s the worst thing about it?
  • Did I have fun? Was it worth it?

It is worth trying to offer up a fresh perspective, but remember to use facts – not opinions.

(Side Note: People are always paying more attention to themselves than they are to you).

Number 2: Address Your Hangover

Alcohol stimulates your brain’s neurotransmitters and alters the brain, ultimately improving your mood by producing Gaba (a chemical that ‘chills out’ the brain).

Your brain recognises an imbalance, these chemicals then recede and both your body and brain work hard to rebalance themselves.

This speeds up your bodily processes and hypes up your nervous system, leaving you feeling quite anxious. Not to mention the effects of having little to no sleep.

Working on your hangover symptoms will help with this. So why not have a shower, guzzle down plenty of water, rebalance those sugar levels and get some well-needed shuteye.

Number 3: Find Ways to Relax

Self-care and relaxation will be critical at this stage. With your body depleted and your mind vulnerable it would be very useful to do things that you enjoy yet don’t require too much effort.

So get that duvet over to the sofa, load up Netflix and get binging (if that’s how you relax).

It might also be worth avoiding things that will fuel your worries, such as doomscrolling, for example.

Number 4: Breathe

We can never overestimate the impact of, literally, breathing. It is one of the most accessible regulation tools that we have in this world.

If it gets a bit much – why not try some breathing techniques or meditation? These are both great ways to slow down your thinking and hopefully, clear out your mind.

For example: boxed breathing.

Step 1: Breathe in through your nose whilst slowly counting to four.

Step 2: Hold your breath while counting slowly to four. Avoid inhaling or exhaling for four seconds.

Step 3: Slowly exhale for four seconds.

Step 4: Repeat these steps four times.

Bonus Tip: You can move your eyesight around the edge of a window, or something square shaped, as you breathe to help guide you through this technique.

Number 5: Check in with Yourself

We don’t always have to feel guilty for spending an evening having a few social sauces (or alcoholic beverages), especially if you’ve had a good time.

But you don’t need me to tell you that regular alcohol consumption will chip away at your mental health in the long run. Making it more likely to be used as a form of self-medication which is, again, unhealthy.

Hangovers that are riddled with anxious thoughts influence people with depression and anxiety more. If these anxious thoughts last more than a day, then you may want to consider the idea that it is not just the hangover talking.

These questions may help:

  • Do you always feel like this after you drink?
  • What was your reason for drinking in the first place?
  • Have you been suffering from any of the common symptoms of mental health issues? e.g. constant low mood, feelings of hopelessness.

(Click here to find out more about these or click here to conduct a free mood assessment)

Best of luck with managing your beer fear! If this article has helped you, don’t hesitate to spread the word.